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Tips for the adults when taking their kids fishing.

  • 1. Keep the trip short- you don't want the kids to loose interest. Remember, they can become impatience fast!
  • 2. Let them use  "live " bait, or maybe dough balls, cheese or bread if you are fishing for small pan fish.
  • 3. Keep the "KISS" system in mind (you know what that means!)
  • 4. Be patient with your kids - don't yell at them!
  • 5. Talk about catch n' release and conservation
  • 6. If the kids are old enough, teach them how to tie knots, rig a bobber and so on. 
  • 7. Let the kids do the fishing!
  • 8. Start the kids off at a local pond, they will be more likely to catch something there. Or you can play "pretend fishing" at your home in the yard before you go. That way you can teach then how to cast, and some basic rules for safety while fishing. (like, look behind before you first, before you cast! ouch!) Make up some targets or buckets for them to aim at.
  • 9. Take plenty of pictures!
  • 10. Make them a "My First Fish" Certificate on your home computer, include the photo (if you can), place, date, kind of fish, weight. Let them take it to school for "show n' tell"